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Tour Overview

Tour package to Amritsar

Amritsar can be called holy capital of Punjab state. There is so much of history related to this city. So it is really necessary to get to this place for one time and see all the major things over there. We have brought tour package of Amritsar for you. So these are the details of this tour package of Amritsar on the day by day basis.

Day 1: Reach Amritsar and enjoy the local sightseeing

Here is the first day of this tour package of Amritsar. One thing is sure that you are going to love this tour of Amritsar. You just need to put all the things behind and enjoy this enthralling tour of Amritsar.


You reach Amritsar and meet our people here. They will take you to the hotel instantly. After your journey you will need some rest. This is important.


So you take rest for some time. Then you will leave for the local sightseeing in Amritsar. This is going to be great as there are so many famous places to see in Amritsar.


You will start with the visit to Golden temple which is a Sikh holy place. Every tourist always pays a visit to Darbar sahib. That is why we will start with Golden Temple visit.


See the famous sikh museum as well which is just outside the main entrance of Golden temple. This museum is all about the Sikh history which we all need to know.


Then you will head to jallianwala bagh which is at the walking distance from Golden Temple. This place is related to Martyrs of 1919 jallianwala bagh massacre.


Then there is a visit arranged for you to durgaina temple which is also near Golden temple. A lot of people come to this place as well to seek the blessings of Mata ji.


In the end there is visit to Mata Lal Devi Temple The cave temple in amritsar. Seek the blessings of Mata Lal Devi ji here.


This is the end of the day 1 of this tour package of Amritsar. In the night you will come back to the hotel. You are free to roam around Amritsar. You can also Enjoy the street tour with city in Pedals from which you can enjoy the tradition street walk on Bicycle.


At night you can enjoy the dinner on Traditional restaurant of Amritsar kesar da Dhaba and stay At hotel near Golden temple which will be arranged by


Day 2: Enjoy the hop on Hop off bus service and get to see so many places

This will be Day 2 of this tour package arranged for you to Amritsar. On this day you will enjoy the hop on Hop off bus service which will take you to all the famous places of Amritsar which you always wanted to see.


So after having breakfast at the hotel where you are staying you will leave for this hop on Hop off bus tour.


This hop on Hop off bus service tour stats from the famous heritage Street in Amritsar. So you will start the tour from there only.


Hop on Hop off bus is a open bus on which a lot of people can travel at one time.


On Hop hop off bus tour there are visits to different places. On Hop on Hop off bus tour you will get to see Gobindgarh Fort and War memorial which is Famous Historical museum which represents the Punjabi culture.


Then you will visit the famous sadda pind as well on the bus where you can lots of enjoy and fun and also you will provide Punjabi style Lunch there. On the way you will see Khalsa college which is a famous traditional college building of Amritsar.


Retreat ceremony on Wagah Border is in the evening and you will surely enjoy it a lot as it will fill you with the passion of patriotism.


This is the end of this long and fun day. Get back to the hotel and have dinner. Sleep with all the great memories of this tour back in your dreams.

Amritsar Surroundings 

Day 3: Visit To Haveli Resturant and End of trip

This is the last day of this Amritsar surroundings tour package. Have heavy breakfast at the hotel and then you will leave for haveli which is a famous tourist attraction on the outskirts on Amritsar city.

After having fun over there for some time you will head back to your place from Amritsar.

Things end on a great note and this tour is one of those which you will always cherish in your life.