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About Bir Billing Paragliding

Bir Billing Paragliding

The town of Bir, it is a small-sized city in the Himanchal’s province of Kangra. The city of Bir is pretty famous for its larger Tibet based residents, elegant monk houses, learning institutes, along with the Non-Government Organizations. Based in the foothills of a range called and better known as Dhauladhar province in the backdrop, the small city is based in some of the most breathtaking locations.

Ranging about 27 kilometers far from the staggering city is just another beautiful city which is commonly known as Bir Billing Paragliding. The complete expanse interlinking these cities are blessed with beautiful scenic sights. The staggering hilly regions and fruits along with the flora and fauna and exuberant green pastures are something commonly found in this locality. Besides the staggering landscapes, paragliding activity in this region is said and believed to be one of the most thrilling adventures which have been attracting adventure tourists from throughout across the globe.

An ideal timeout location for the adorers of nature, one can enjoy the quiet location while roaming in the heavenly bounties present in this location. On the other hand, for the ones who seek thrill and adventure the paragliding in Bir Billing is a great quench to satiate their thirst in adventure sports.

Getting familiar with Bir Billing Paragliding

Based at a great elevation of more than 2500 meters above sea level. It is regarded as the most thrilling location which is a heaven for the paragliding lovers. As this breathtaking experience of paragliding experience in Bir Billing expense, be prepared to observe and come across one of the most stunning views of the Dhauladhar hilly range and the completely enchanting views of the heavenly valley of Kangra.

The paragliding adventure begins with the exciting journey by drive from the village of Bir, to begin with, the location which is based somewhere about 18kms away. It is okay to visit anytime during the day for a surprising experience of paragliding which will offer you a staggering view of the entire place from up in the sky while paragliding.

The time of flying differs from one to another, as it is reliant on how you are able to cope up with the paragliding as you are being prepped with the glider you will also be informed about some basics of what is to be done and what all things are to be avoided while you are up in the sky along with a well-groomed and trained personality who knows paragliding better than no other, be prepared as you are going to explore the sky like a wild hawk.

The scenery around the province makes it an ideal spot for exploring the sky, make sure you reach up to the maximum elevation along with the group of mighty heightened Himalayan region mountains. Experience the chills and feel the adrenaline rush. Enjoy the memorable see sights right after you are done with the Bir Billing flying experience is all wrapped up.

Bir Billing Paragliding Price

Short Fly: Rs 1700/-INR per person (15 to 20 Minutes Ride)

Medium Fly: 2800/- INR per person (25 to 40 Minutes Ride)


  • The session of Paragliding is sure to last about 15 to 20 minutes of Bir Billing paragliding.
  • The Bir Billing or in the landing area of paragliding right up till drop point (Landing area and endpoint)
  • A well trained professional pilot that has a good paragliding experience.


  • The weight limit for paragliding is between 28 kgs to 97 kgs in October and February.
  • In April and June, it is okay if the weight is between 97 kgs to 118 kgs.
  • The insurance for travel taking care of the entire amount required for a medical getting out, the special need for hospitalization during emergencies, insurance of all the baggage and handling, cancellation of other important aspects of travel.
  • Random extra charges for shooting the paragliding video takeoff, additional charges of Rs 500.
  • Accountability for any kind of injuries towards accidents, loss of goods or loss of life.

Paragliding safety measures

The so-called and very much needed safety factors when traveling to Bir Billing

The location, first of all, is known and deemed to be heaven for the paragliding enthusiasts. People not just from India but from all across the world make a point to not miss out one time visit to the Bir Billing. And that all is because of the staggering location feature which is exclusively available in India, Himalayas. The winds and breeze are a super chilly while, on the other hand, an ideal spot for the ones who are into paragliding and for the ones who wish to try it once in a lifetime. Additionally, this spot is not just perfect for paragliding but has some staggering and breathtaking sights.

The paragliding activity is deemed as an adventure sport which is most of the time inclusive of risk. However one cannot deny the fact that these risks only roll in when the pilots or paragliders don’t follow the respective protocols and make a huge mistake of not overseeing the circumstances. However it is advisable for one and all whether it is paragliding or any other kind of adventure sporting if possible don’t try it out without the safety measures, “as safety comes first”.

The paragliding adventure sport is safer when you pay attention to the factors that strengthen safety measures are

  • Carabineers
  • Harness
  • Paraglider
  • Helmet
  • Lines
  1. Carabineer

This can be either elaborated as a sturdy metal apparatus that conjoins lines or ropes from a paraglider with the harness. A strong carabiner is something that can easily hold tons of load as the life it is having is rather very short. This stands as one of the most significant parts with the glider and wings. The pilots of the paragliding can hold weight and immense pressure on it and can hold your weight as far as possible. Force generated weight is held by these carbineers. Just in case you need to turn from it or want to perform some acrobat then you will need to put some extra weights on it but there are equal chances of it breaking off.

  1. Harness

This is a special and a great safety measure that is worn by a paraglider and is so attached that a wearer does not slip off in a flight. Whereas it can offer a wide range of features such as flight, space, comfort only till the moment it unbuckled and is weak enough that you slip off the paraglider.

  1. Paragliders

One of the most important factors that need a close observations is that paragliding is an adventure sport which has seen a great trend in the last decade and one needs to take special care of wings while in the sky and most dangerous situations are expected to arise if there is some problem with the wing as it stands as one of the most important components while paragliding and that too from such a great elevation.

Hey wait that does not end here, the other thing is that even a pretty advanced glower with the most advanced design and set of features won’t be able to save you if you are reckless during the flight. No matter how good the paraglider is it surely runs out, both fashion and trends and life to sustain. Another thing is that it only can endure a total flying time of 400-450 hours which after some time needs to be replaced and the total life reduces with every single day passed.

The flying apparatus is conjoined to the flyer with the help of thin yet strong nylon wires. Knots are what make it something stronger to hold on to. Such knots can endure an average weight for just 250-400 hours in total. This time is consumed up by the training. But the majority of the people do buy these gliders and use it till it is of no use anymore.

  1. Helmet

Wearing a helmet on your head is something that is of the utmost importance for safeguarding your head. The majority of the adventure sporting enthusiast make sure they are wearing one.

  1. Ropes & Lines

Ropes or lines are something that keeps you interlinked with the paraglider though being thin they are very sturdy. A paraglider is full of tiny and strong ropes which has enough strength to keep you connected to a paraglider. On the other hand paraglider time to time checks are very important as the ropes help in sustaining the balance and total body weight on the paraglider.

Cancellation Reforms

  • Just in case if any kind of cancellations are done in a specific time frame of a month or right before the beginning date of the adventure trip. In such a case you have to inform before 48 Hours of paragliding Ride.
  • If just in case due to unexpected turn of events the cancellations processed within a month or during the strip start, the entire amount paid as booking fee will be deducted as the fee for canceling.
  • Besides if the weather conditions get worse or any government interference due to any random reasons, some of the activities might be abandoned. In such a situation the trip organizing team will try to compensate with the best offers he has got to provide in such a condition.

The policy of refunding money

The money that is supposed to be refunded or returned can only be processed within 3-4 working days of the cancellation has been done and accepted by the Amritsarworld company.

When to visit Bir Billing for Paragliding?

Ideal season or the year suitable for Bir Billing Paragliding:

The best part and alluring highlight of Bir Billing paragliding are that it is accessible throughout the year. Just 120 days off in the monsoon season which means 4 months off the rainy season. The monsoon in this region begins from the month of early July to late September. This is exactly when all the paragliding business activities are shut down in Bir Billing. The Bir Billing is based on the foot crest of the mountain province of Dhauladhar which is known to offer some of the most breathtaking weather all year round.

However, the ideal time for Bir Billing Paragliding can be

October to June and October- March & Nov.

  • October to June

The ideal and preferred season for Bir Billing paragliding is between October to December months.

The paragliding activity is best to be done and most favorable also much enjoyable in the last month of the year, December beginning of the year January is way different as the mountain ranges are something that is tapered with white snow.

  • March and November

On the other hand, it is the best duration of the year for this kind of adventure sports. Hence according to the majority of the travelers who have been saying that it is best to experience this adventure sport during the snowfall. This is what the traveler can pick as his ideal time for paragliding and outing in the valley of Bir Billing.

What other things could be done in Bir Billing except Paragliding?

Billing and Beer are accompanying stopping destination as they are right beside each other. The majority are in disguise while the remaining are familiar to people. Only the best is known to visitors. A few of them are listed below

  • Experience Paragliding at Bir Billing
  • The climb to the village of RajGundha (suggested)
  • The day hike at HanumanGarh – Reach the valley’s top which is at a sea elevation of 11800feet.
  • Bir Billing camping in the Camp Oak View
  • The monastery of Bhattu based in Baijnath at the Palpung shearling.
  • The ancient temple of Baijnath which is located 12 km from Bir
  • A thrilling spring of hot water which is at a distance of 29 km by road and a 7 km hike.
  • The long Bhangal Bara valley trek which is of 8-9 days to Bir through Chamba valley.
  • Valley of Barot: A house to the best-tasting trout fish, relax and trek to reach a point for the leisure stay.
  • The famous toy train
  • Palampur visit is known for most beautiful tea plantations
  • The famous temples of Goddess Chamunda, Kangra. Jwala and Chintpurni devotional houses.

How to drive or reach to Bir Billing From Amritsar?

The total road distance to Bir Billing

  • Delhi – Punjab – Kitapur – Oona – Paragpur/Mubarakpur – Kangga – Dihra – Palampur – Bir Billing – 540 kms.
  • Amritsar – Pathankot – Mcleodganj – Palampur – Bir Billing- 257 Kms.
  • Manali – Mandi – Joginder Pur – Bir Billing:-190 km.
  • Dharamshala – Palampur – Bir Billing:-90 km.
  • Pathankot – Palampur – Bir Billing:- 190 km.

These are one of the best road routes to get to Bir Billing. Just in case you have your private vehicle then you should drive with route 1.

This is a very long but safe route to go with and drive on. The remaining routes are taken into consideration from neighboring locations such as Dharamshala and Manali.

Book Now Cheapest Bir Billing Paragliding Cost

Adult=  1700/-INR