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Are you looking for Sadda Pind tickets with a discount? If yes, Then you are on the right place because you are going to get Sadda Pind Tickets for Rs 770 instead of 850 here on your Website. Historical places hold great importance for every country. There is a trend for a long period of time among people to visit historical places. There is also a need to showcase your culture and also preserve it. That’s why different countries do so many things to create awareness among people about these historical and cultural places. Talking about India there are a lot of cultural and historical places here and a lot of people from around the world visit these places and make their days better and learn something about the history of your country and culture as well. There is need to create awareness among children also.

Amritsar- Sadda Pind

Amritsar is a great place to visit and there are so many places to visit for tourists and tourists from all around the world visit these places. Amritsar is a beautiful city of Punjab and Sadda and is a kind of place which showcases the beauty of rural Punjab. People like to see such things and that’s why a lot of people come and visit Sadda Pind with their families and enjoy a lot. For the people who are planning to visit Sadda Pind, we have got great news for them. We here at Amritsar world are at your service and try to bring new things for you. Today we have come up with the Sadda Pind discount ticket for adults and children as well. Keeping in view the love of people with Sadda Pind we have brought a new offer. If you book your Sadda Pind tickets with Sadda Pind you will not get the special discount. Generally, adult Sadda Pind tickets cost 850 rupees but if you book your tickets Through us then you need to pay only 770 rupees. That is a huge discount. Similarly the ticket of children which costs 700 you will get it in 595 rupees. These are really good discounts. So if you are visiting Sadda Pind then connect with one of the best Amritsar tour operators get the tickets at your discount. You will feel at home with us because we care a lot for you.

Sadda Pind Amritsar Timing and Price


Sadda Pind timing

Sadda Pind  remain open 7 day in week (10:30am to 10:00 pm)


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    Amritsar is known as Ramdaspur and informally as Ambarsar is the best tourist place to visit. Amritsar is a city in north-west India which is the regulatory central command of the Amritsar locale – situated in the Majha area of the Indian province of Punjab. The place – where you can find spicy and delicious food and there are many places to visit. The Sadda Pind is translated as Our Village in English.


    Sadda Pind is the Best Tourist Destination in Amritsar to visit. Sadda Pind is a Punjabi Culture Living Village Museum spread crosswise over 12 sections of land. It presents to you an opportunity to enjoy bona fide culture, hues, and kinds of Punjab in one place. In Sadda Pind you will see the old world appeal of Punjab through social exhibitions, society moves, nearby crafted works, tunes, stories and obviously, the delicious food.

    Sadda Pind is Best Tourist Destination in Amritsar place which connects you with Punjab’s roots and experience live Punjab’s culture around it. It reproduces a Punjabi town in the genuine sense. As a visitor, you can see, take part and interface with individuals from town and their way of life. It also offers you genuine packages. You can spend the whole day in the Sadda Pind.  You can also saw traditional art and craftsmanship or make your very own artful culmination. Phulkari, Punjabi Jutti, mud toys and utensils, ironwork, durries, rural actualizes are a portion of the customary expressions displayed here.


    At Sadda Pind, you can see the vibrancies and beats of conventional Punjabi people move like bhangra, Gidha, Jhumar, and Kikli. Sadda Pind shows you all the traditional culture of Punjab in one place. You can visit Sadda Pind and enjoy the beautiful moments of your life to experience the pure culture of Punjab.

    Punjab is the land of five rivers and it is a place of great cultural importance. With the above, we must have piqued your interest in Sadda Pind. Now we will discuss Sadda Pind in detail and we will make sure that you do not miss anything from Sadda/ Aapna Pind.

    Why visit Sadda Pind?

    Sadda Pind is a historical place of great importance in Punjab. Amritsar is a historic city and in the whole year, an astounding number of people visit this place. It is because of the thing that Amritsar is a place which has so much historical importance related to it. There are other places in Amritsar as well as Darbar Sahib and Jallianwala Bagh and many more.

    Punjabis are those people who care very much about their culture. Sadda Pind is a place which demonstrates all the things related to Punjabi society. So it becomes really important that people from Punjab as well as the Punjabis living outside Punjab must visit this wonderful and exciting place which is slowly enhancing its Punjabi culture beauty.

    Ready to go

    So if one is interested in visiting this tremendous place then how that person should proceed is the question. The answer is really simple and very straightforward. The Interested person needs to book tickets at Sadda Pind or you can take tickets from the counter of Sadda Pind. Once you have got tickets in your hand then you ready to go. The opening of the Sadda Pind is a very thematic and grand one. A Person visiting if he is a Punjabi will feel like at home. Another person would also feel that the entry is really a great one. If you are booking your tickets online then you can get Discount, So ahead and book your tickets with discount.

    Before the ticket Counter, there are sprawling gardens all around the place. These gardens give a great feeling and make you refreshed. Once you get tickets you are ready to go inside.

    Once you move inside person visiting would really feel great. Such is the flamboyance of the atmosphere around the Sadda Pind.

    Largest cot

    Sadda Pind - Best Tourist Destination In Amritsar

    When we visit this place at the entrance we will see the largest cot. We guess it will be an amazing experience for you to see such a large cot.

    Cultural Activities

    Once you have entered the place you will first find something very much exciting. There are sculptures of people performing Bhangra and Giddha. Bhangra and Giddha are traditional dances of Punjab. It is a wonderful feeling to see these sculptures as these sculptures will really invigorate you and your mood. Sculptures look like real people. The main thing is that these sculptures are dressed in authentic Punjabi dresses which make them look really great.

    As you will move further you will feel that like you are in real Punjab. As we move ahead there is a man who is holding a tumbi in his hands and is playing it. Punjabi music will make you rejuvenated. There are a lot of surprises ahead for you as we move into the heart of Sadda Pind.

    Punjabi items

    The name of the place is very well justified because there are a lot of items present in this place related to village life. (Pind stands for Village)

    You will get to see manjhas, garhas, and many other Punjabi village items. Women in Punjab cook food on chaulas which you will also see in Sadda village/Pind. These items are authentic to Punjab and you will not find these things anywhere else other than Sadda Pind in Punjab. People in villages tie their domestic animals like cows and buffalos inside special areas and in this area animals live and there is space made for their eating also. These things you can see in Sadda Village/Pind only. And it will be like seeing the surrounding villages of Punjab.

    People visiting Sadda Pind are treated as guests and these people can sit around Sadda Pind as there are a lot of open spaces to sit in Sadda Pind.

    Feel of the village

    Around Sadda Pind there is a feeling of only one thing and it is of the village people. Women are an important part of our society and women look after houses in villages. So in Sadda Village/Pind, there are activities related to Punjabi woman is also shown. Like in Punjab women still use natural fuel which is made used cow dung. How this cow dung is used to make fuel is demonstrated in Sadda Pind.

    Who doesn’t love Makki di roti and Sarson da saag? Everyone loves it. The taste of the saag and makki di roti will be great here in Sadda Pind because it is cooked by Punjabi women only for the people like you who are visiting this place. The saag is full of ghee and it makes it more savory for the people. So, one should not miss on eating Makki di roti and Sarson da saag (the traditional food of Punjab).

    Then comes the authentic Punjabi house which is loaded with items related to the Punjabi culture and these items were used by people of Punjab living in the villages in the past. You will find Punjabi utensils which were handmade by people of Punjab.

    Enjoy the beauty of Sadda Pind

     Jhanj Ghar

    Then there is this place which is called Jhanj Ghar in Punjab. It is a kind of commonplace in Punjab villages. A lot of people in the village do their functions here. Like, if there is a marriage in the village then the arrangements for the gathering of the marriage is done in the Jhanj Ghar. Also, in their free time, people of the village spend time in Jhanj Ghar by talking about different issues of society. So Ghanj Ghar is really an important place in Punjabi society. Sadda Pind showcases this place in a great way. People visiting Sadda Pind can sit in different places in Jhanj Ghar. So the Jhanj Ghar of Sadda Village/Pind relates to real Jhanj Ghar in villages.

    Fun activities

    Sadda Pind is all about enjoyment and it offers a lot of things for enjoyment. There is Punjabi music beating in the Sadda Pind all the time and you can dance to the tunes of this music every now and then. In the fun activities, you can watch different events.


    Magic specialist is also present in Sadda Pind. People visiting Sadda Pind can enjoy a magic show presented by the professional magicians. These magicians will show a great show and you will feel thrilled by these magic tricks. All the magic spells will leave you flabbergasted. One must watch this magic show to complete their trip of Sadda Pind as a lot of people watch this magic show thing and get excited.

    Puppet show

    Yes, there is another show and this show is especially for the people visiting Sadda Pind. It is a puppet show. This is a great and wonderful show. People visiting Sadda Village/Pind enjoy this show a lot. The show presenter brings a lot of things out from puppets and every time they try to bring out some great message for our society from these puppets. This show is enjoyed a lot by people and it is encouraged by people.

    Mela Ground

    Then we move to the Fair/Mela ground. This is a big ground and people can do a lot of fun activities here. There are a lot of games for small children as well as there are games for teenagers as well. There are different types of rides available as well. You will feel thrilled about getting on these rides. Also, there are other fun activities. Rope crossing thrillers are in Sadda Pind and they show their talent to the people visiting Sadda Pind.

    Then there are rides for adults as well. Adults, as well as children, can ride on camel and horse. These things make people thrilled. These rides are available at genuine prices. So without worrying much, you can take rides on different animals. These things are really great and help us enjoy more and more.

    Different shops to enjoy in Sadda Village/Pind (our Village).


    You can see Shagna di phulkari in one of the houses in the Sadda Pind. For the women visiting Sadda Pind, there is some exciting stuff. Women can make use of free mehndi service stuff.

    Punjabi Jutti

    Them at one of the shops in (Our Village) you can also see Lahori Punjabi Jutti (shoes or traditional Punjabi footwear). This Lahori Punjabi Jutti is really popular in Punjab and among Punjabi people. You just cannot resist yourself from buying this Lahori Punjabi Jutti. It is really fashionable and trendy and most importantly very famous among Punjabis. 

    Kirpan shop (sword Shop)

    There is this shop namely Rajbir kirpan shop. You can buy every Sikhi related item from here. Sikhs and other people also buy swords and other weapons. This shop offers the best and quality material to their customers.

    Shopping places

    Chacha juice corner is there in Sadda Pind and you can drink juices of different fruits from here. Then there are these bhaina di hatti and veer ji di hatti shops. The bhaina di hatti shop is a really famous one. This shop specializes in the best jewelry items. A lot of people visiting Sadda Pind buy jewelry items from this space. There is another shop in the neighbor of this shop. The shop name is veer ji di hatti. This shop is famous for ladies clothing items. Ladies can buy authentic Punjabi dress material from this shop and this shop is really famous among ladies visiting Sadda Pind.


    Best places for shopping in Amritsar.

    Handcrafted Items

    This place is famous for its shops as well as there are a lot of shops here at Sadda Pind. If you visit Sadda Pind you will come across a shop which is namely Kashmir cottage. You will find different emporium material from here and all these dress materials are really famous among people. Also very popular from this Kashmir cottage shop is marble handicrafts. These handicrafts are worth watching and these materials showcase the beautiful work done by the beautiful hands of humans.

    Water from well

    You will find many other exciting places in Sadda Pind. Like there is a village well as well. People in villages still use wells for their daily water usage. All things are shown here like how water is fetched from the well. It is all about the traditions of Punjabi villages.


    There is a shop which is a kind of dhaba (food Corner) present there. This dhaba is chayee ji da dhaba. Chayee is a Punjabi word and it means mother and this word is used by so many people in Punjabi villages. Here you will get great food which is really savory and worth trying.

    Sadda Pind has depicted the village in a great way. Here everything is made with a purpose. Like there are pathways made in the Sadda Pind and these pathways are the same ones which we see in the real villages. So it demonstrates everything in the villages in a great way. It is a must visit place for people who love villages. And I must suggest you also visit some of the best food serving places in Amritsar.

    Traditional Post office

    There is a Dak Ghar in Sadda Pind as well. This is a post office and it is called a Dak Ghar in the Punjabi language. Dak Ghar is facilitated with different things. Like a person manages this Dak Ghar and there is space for this person where he can sit and also there is letterbox as well. This only presents Dak Ghar was one of the most important media of communication in Villages in an earlier era.

    Other things featured in Sadda Pind are like there is handpump which is used by people of villages still these days. This handpump is called Nalka by people of Punjab.


    There are other lots of interesting things in the Sadda Pind. There is an astrologer named Tota astrologer. This Tota astrologer is a very knowledgeable astrologer and has immense knowledge of stars. With his knowledge, he tells people who come to him a lot of things like things about their future. People like to know about themselves and their future and that is why a lot of men and women come to this astrologer and ask for different solutions.

    Different houses

    Sadda Pind is all about villages and village people. A village is not a small place. There is so much diversity in almost every village. Different people from different communities live in the villages. These people live in the villages and earn their livelihood and they live their lives. Sadda Pind features these different people from different sections of the stuff society of villages. So there are houses related to these people and we will talk about some of these houses.

    House of a weaver

    First of all, there is a place of a weaver. The name of the person is Pritam Singh and outside his house, it is written Pritam Singh the weaver. He weaves different fabric materials and makes new fabric designs from different materials. These designs are really beautiful and eye-catching.

    Potter’s House

    Then there is Potter’s house. Here the Potter from where you can experience watching live manufacturing of clay utensils. These utensils are made from mitti or we can say mud. These utensils are made with great skill by this Potter. There are a lot of different types of utensils this Potter makes with his hands.

    Musical instruments

    The other house where you will find possibly all of the instruments that were used by musical groups such as Dhadi Jathas for playing music in fairs. Here is a list of Punjabi folk musical instruments that are available there in alphabetical order:

    Algoze, Bugch, Chimta, Dilruba, Dhadd, Dhol, Dholki, Gagar, Harmonium, Gharha, Ektara, Kato, Khanjri, Khartal, Sapp, Sarangi, Saxophone, Sitaara, Tape Record, Tumbi. 

    Lohar da Ghar

    There is a house of Lohar as well. He makes a lot of different things using iron and a lot of people visit his house to see what he is making. 

    Village houses

    Then there are these village houses. These houses tell us about Punjabi culture. In many houses, there are authentic Punjabi items related to Punjabi culture. There are a lot of items. Like there are old trunks in the houses and old utensils are also there.

    Live Traditional Kitchen

    Also, there is one house where women serve hot fulkas (chapattis) and you can eat without making any payment. These fulkas (chapattis) are just free of cost for the people visiting Sadda Pind. 

    Other exciting things

    Yes, there is still something which is missing. There are so many things in Sadda Pind that you will become tired of counting but different and exciting things in Sadda Pind won’t end.

    Camel and Horse Riding

    There are different rides for children. But there is something more special as well. Here in Sadda Pind, you can also enjoy camel and horse ride by paying very genuine amounts. There is a boggi ride as well. So these are all exciting things about Sadda Pind.

    Pind da Cinema

    In Pind da cinema house you can experience the old Cinema. In this film is shown on the projector screen. In this house, you can take an experience of how peoples were watching cinemas together in old times.

    Rooms for stay

    The place gives you the facility to stay in. So if you want to stay the night at Sadda Pind you then there is a facility of Luxury rooms. There are lots of guest rooms to stay in. you can check sadda pind Room price with only just one click


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