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When we talk about territorial arguments, there are more than hundreds of disputes and names of India and Pakistan comes in the top ten. Sometimes these disputes get resolved by some negotiations and code of conduct gets established. One of those subjects which are politically as well as religiously sounds sensitive is kartarpur corridor.


How To Reach Gurudwara Kartarpur Sahib


It is the name of a town that is situated in narowal district, this district is present in Punjab, Pakistan.  You can book or Taxi from Amritsar to Dera Baba Nanak with (


Book Taxi to Dera Baba Nanak From Amritsar

You can Book Taxi  or Hire taxi/ cab from Amritsar which is nearly 41 Km From Amritsar. You can take  car on rent for One Day trip or Round trip if are planning to visit Amritsar to Kartarpur Sahib. You can Hire Taxi Innova, tempo traveller, Bus According to comfort or Number of travellers.


How To Reach Kartarpur Via Airport

  • The Nearest Airport Visit Kartarpur corridor is:
  • Guru Ram Das ji international Airport, Amritsar
  • Chandigarh Airport
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi
  • Adampur Airport



You can book or Taxi or Cab from any of these airport From Amritsar to Dera Baba Nana or Amritsar to Kartarpur with in Tax. Our taxi driver will wait you to Pick up and drop you in Dera Baba Nanak.


Gurudwara Dera Baba Nanak is 1 Km from Indo- Pakistan Border and Gurudwara Kartarpur Sahib is Nearly 4.5 Km from Internation border in town of Dera Baba Nanak in district Gurdaspur.


Kartarpur means the Place of God. It is a holy place which is present in Pakistan. It is situated on the right side of the river Ravi. The majority of the population in kartarpur is Punjabi. When the dispute of partition happened between India and Pakistan, many Muslims migrated from India to Pakistan and many Hindus and Sikhs migrated from Pakistan to India.

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Reach By train

The nearest Railway station is Amritsar Railway Station where all major arrive, you can also reach to Batala Railway station via Train. Our taxi Driver will also pick from railway station. In this way you can reach Amritsar to Kartarpur via train.


      You can call 9781890007 or


About Kartarpur Sahib

It is an under-construction border between India and Pakistan. There are two Sikh shrines. Dera Baba Nanak Sahib is situated in India and Gurudwara Darbar Sahib is present in Pakistan. These holy shrines are based on Sikh architecture. The border which connects both the Sikh shrines is called a Kartarpur corridor. The intention of making kartarpur corridor was to allow devotees from India to visit this holy shrine. This bridge was destroyed in the war between India and Pakistan. It has remained shut for so many years but eventually opened after a few years.


It has historical importance. It was founded by the first guru of Sikh religion, Guru Nanak dev Ji in 1504 CE. They are founder of the Sikh religion. After the age of fifty-two, he reached this destination in 1521. To give this place a uniqueness, he named it kartarpur sahib. Muslim followers of guru Nanak wanted burial rights based on their religion. To honor his passion as they claimed him to be their saint. On the other hand, the Sikh community wanted to cremate his remains based on their religious beliefs. As the argument between the two groups continued. To come on a final decision, they lifted the blanket and the followers found out that flowers lay in place of his remains. While completely in awe of this miracle, both divided the blanket as well as the flowers that lay beneath it, into two. Muslims buried their half of the blanket and flowers as per their religious traditions.


Starting of Kartarpur Sahib Project


Former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had first recommended the concept of the corridor when he took the road trip to Lahore in 1999. Nawaz Sharif was also present on that trip. After nineteen years, the foundation stone laid on the Indian side and after two days the foundation stone also laid on the Pakistan side.


The plan was to complete the corridor before the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev in 2019.

The current prime minister of Pakistan, ImranKhan, has also greenlit this project and it may help in easing the discrepancies between the two countries.


  • In 2019, both India and Pakistan allowed the residents to get a visa-free entry for crossing the border.
  • There is no need for a passport to visit the shrine, citizens of both countries need a valid ID.



The opening ceremony of Kartarpur corridor was filled with controversies. Meanwhile, the chief minister of Punjab gave an official statement that India should remain alert and this can be a hidden agenda of the Pakistani government.


It will make the relationship between the two countries more strong. It will promote a hassle-free journey to Kartarpur Sahib for us. Pakistan will benefit economically from the touristic opportunities unlocked by this corridor.

The tourism of both countries will be progressed and it will help in building the economy of both our countries powerful. It can prove to be a new beginning of love and friendship between the two neighboring countries which has always shown a cold shoulder to each other. This step was necessary so that the bitterness at both sides can come to an end. The decision is welcoming and heart-warming. It will help the Sikh community enrich their tradition to what they have been long waiting for. This decision will surely end the cold war between the two nations. There is always hope for a positive change.



Splendid Trekking Places in India


Does the word trekking as an adventure sport excite you?

So let us read a little more on trekking.Whenever it is about moving a step closer to mother nature, nothing is comparable to the thought of packing your bag and leave for a trek specially in a diverse country like India. India a country which is very famous for its beautiful places and destinations there are tons of heart capturing landscapes. There are hikes which is said to be one of the most beautiful trekking places in India. These landscapes are the ones which comes as a gift from the almighty and therefore a lot of tourists comes attracted to these beautiful heavenly destinations. Below mentioned is the checklist of all trekking spots in india which one may give a look before deciding on which spot to choose for this adventure.


Trekking in India

There are numerous trekking locations in India as being spread in the entire country. Therefore summing up as the top trekking places in India. However Himalayas are always the ones that snage the position of having the most mesmerizing landscapes in the entire country. Therefore to take this a bit more further we have a checklist of the remarkable hiking places which never fail to capture the heart of the globe trotters that come to India for memorable experiences have been taken all together right below. Also there are a few options for the ones who are looking for cheap places for trekking.


  1. Rajmachi Trek


The Rajmachi is a trekking destination which is very well known for the famed forest of the Lonavla region.A very good trekking places in india. On the other hand the trek promises the adventurers are on a quest of thrill which compiles the adventurers and concept which together come up as an unforgettable experience.


A remarkable experience in the Western Ghats which has successfully turned into a famous trekking places India very much recently. The mesmerizing view of the ages old Kondana caves which one may come across during the trek is a highlight unignorable.


  1. Altitude: 826 meters
  2. Duration: one day
  3. Best season: June and September


  1. Araku Valley Trek

Considerably one of the prime hikes in India. During the trek the travellers can come across a humongous green span looking at which the travelers can be nothing more than speechless. Apart from that any hiker that may pay this wonderful hiking destination a visit may find it difficult to forget as it brings its visitor a bit more closer to mother nature. This breathtaking trek is base on the Western Ghats and is spread on an expanse of 36 kms.  Katiki Waterfalls and Bora caves is considered as one of the biggest reflexes of the trek completing which a trekker may find himself on the highest peak in Andhra Pradesh.


  1. Altitude: 910 meters
  2. Duration: one day
  3. Best season: October- February


  1. Kodachadri Trek

Said to be one of the difficult trekking places in South India. The southern side of the Indian subcontinent holds a great number of trekking destinations one will find it hard to explain the beauty of those destinations. In between the distinguished treks of South India, Kodachadri stands as the most eminent of them all together. This is because of the diversity and the grandness of its landscapes. And all in all the Hidlumane falls is a well-known highlight of the Kodachadri trek based in South India. Therefore one can head towards southern part of India as there are a few trekking places in South India where one can leave the chaotic life of suburbs/cities and come a little closer to mother nature.


  1. Altitude: 1,343 meters
  2. Duration: 2 days
  3. Best season: October – January


  1. Kumara Parvatha Trek

The Kumara Parvatha Trek helps you get to the second highest peak in Kodagu and a trekking spot that is among the high altitude trekking places in India.  And when the trek is complete the trekker may get a view difficult to express with just words, photographs etc. What and how beautiful it is, to know that one needs to get up there physically. Also said to be one of the most liked trekking place in north India. As the experience of this trek is very promising. Being the second highest peak in Kodagu it is not going to be a piece of cake but simply seen as  one of the most liked trekking destinations in India.


  1. Altitude: 1,712 meters
  2. Duration: 3 – 4 hours
  3. Best season: October – February


  1. Chembra Peak Trek

The Chembra Peak Trek stands as one of the Tallest trekking billet in India. The luxuriant green pasture and a lake which is surprisingly more shaped like a heart. This definitely stirs the soul which is supposed to impact the hiker in the most favourable manner. The terrain however may be a little rough and tough, it is a thrill for the hikers finally getting a staggering view and experiences.


  1. Altitude: 1,790 meters
  2. Duration: one day
  3. Best season: September- February


  1. Clouds End Trek

Whether or not if the belle of the renowned state of Uttarakhand that you crave for to be a spectator at the peak, then the Mussoorie has something that you just may be looking for. As the Clouds End is something unimaginable for a hiker to accomplish and see what it has got for him. The sundry type of flora and fauna on top of the ideal outline of the mountains turn this trek as one of the most promising trekking destinations of India. Nevertheless said to be one of the most dangerous trekking places in India. Besides the trekking, the path also includes the horse safari and various other escapade activities too


Altitude: 2,240 meters


Duration: 2 hours


Best season: April – October


  1. Milam Glacier Trek

Love mountains? This trek has something to deliver as one cannot miss the wilderness (nature) at its best and perceive the magnificence with the help of impeccable nature balance. The trek revolves around a number of unaccompanied grasslands and mixed landscapes therefore turning it a perfect spot for the trek seeker also.


Altitude: 2,290 meters


Duration: 12-15 days


Best season: May-Mid October


  1. Tiger Hills

The sight of the Mount Kanchenjunga, the outline of the Himalayas and the ascend to this hill, while making the trek as delightful as possible as one could possibly have ever imagined. Nevertheless anything that you come across this trek is remarkable as the sunset and the sunrise eyeshots that may be the showstopper. Though the hike may be one of the most easiest ones it assembles a large chunk of the trekkers who wish to hike this mountain.


Altitude: 2,590 meters


Duration: 2 days


Best season: March – June


  1. Triund Trek

Triund Trek beautiful yet among easy trekking places in India. No doubt it is the spellbinding beauty of Dhauladhar range is the pinnacle of this trek. Being a quite easy trek it is the most common choice that the amateur hikers go with as the first trek. Majorly liked by the people gazing for silence and relief this trek has its own way of being a different hike as in comparison with the others.


Altitude: 2,842 meters


Duration: 2 days


Best season: May-June & September-October


  1. Chadar Trek

An additional among the treks of Zanskar Valley, this hike is very unique in its own way. The trekking advances to a whole new level; when to try to commute the distance from a place to another which is a beautiful frozen river. Yes, you got that right it is a frozen river that transforms the temptation of the trek. The sheer hike, the icy stones and having to make do spend time after sunset in a cave. Therefore this is the heart of the adventure that this particular event holds.


Altitude: 3,474 meters


Duration: 8- 9 days


Best season: January- February


  1. Har Ki Dun Valley Trek

Looking for a trek destination? The Har Ki Dun Valley Trek is one of best trekking places in india in the month of December. The name Har Ki Dun Valley is declared in the name of the Valley that belong to God’s is the endmost stage of this hike. Absolutely a hiking destination meant for the people who just got started with their treks as it may take them through a forest and the bright mountain crest to eventually make him land up at a destination which may leave him speechless.

Altitude: 3,587 meters


Duration: 9- 10 days


Best season: Mid-April – Mid-November


  1. Dayara Bugyal Trek

The Dayara Bugyal Trek is said to be one of the renowned highlights of this hike is that is between the most mesmerizing treks of Uttarakhand. This trek however is eminent for the rookies who have just begun with their hiking as these trekkers are led to the uplands of green pastures which is both breathtaking and venturesome. Therefore very much considered to be among best place for beginners for trekking. Settled between the snow-covered crest, this destination is a heaven for the people who adore nature and like to witness it from nearby.


Altitude: 3,810 meters


Duration: 6 days


Best season: All season trek


  1. Deoriatal-Chandrashila Trek

Traversing through the Chandrashila crest, the trek provides the hikers a path with the baroque alternatives, especially when the Chopta trek is shut down whilst the winters as the weather being heavy and sometimes very miserable. The lake is filled with crystal clear water and hereby giving a exquisite rumination of the snow covered peaks that surround the lake. Thereby making the trek even more tempting. A night spent it Deoriatal is highly recommended to be the best happening of the entire trek.


Altitude: 3,658 meters


Duration: 5 days


Best season: March-May and October – November


  1. Dzongri Trek

A trek that is one of the most difficult ones that falls in this list. Also called a herculean trek while on the other hand could be one of hugely rewarding treks in India. It is inordinately a challenging trek which may make a hiker observe the marvellous sights of the mount Kanchenjunga. The hike starts in Yuksom and assures an engrossing occurrence to the people who endeavour on this notable adventure. It is an interesting place for trekking in india.


Altitude: 4,200 meters


Duration: 8- 15 days


Best season: September- November, and March – April


  1. Kuari Pass Trek

Said to be one of the most admirable views play a crucial anchor to the trekkers when they move towards the Kuari Pass Trek. This destination is in a possession of the mind blowing Tapovan which is used as the base camp. On the other hand the hike is parted in 3 camps. Also the top of which is a open grassland which is surrounded by the snow covered mountains. The peace of mind is the best feature of the trek as it is when compiled with the grace of the huge pastures.


Altitude: 4,264 meters


Duration: 6 days


Best season: November – March


  1. Hampta Pass Trek

One of the most dominant endearment of the Himachal territory. As on the contrary the hike is intrepid and graceful around the year. Countless small currents and the dense vegetation transform the trek to a complete delicacy. The expressively colorful cultures that the hiker passes by is a sight that one may find difficult to forget.


Altitude: 4,298 meters


Duration: 11 days


Best season: May- June, and August – October


  1. Chandratal Lake Trek

Better known as the lake of the Moon as the hike is said to be one of the most charming experiences of those who adore the nature and appreciate it even more when looking closely at it. It is located in Spiti valley as there is hardly anything that could come in comparison with a trekking destination like this one. There is lake which is located at a height of approximately 4000+ meters. And on top of that it amounts to be a kilometer long for camping and one of the great place for  trekking in india, a much eminent trekking alternative.


Altitude: 4,300 meters


Duration: 5 days


Best season: May – October


  1. Bhrigu Lake Trek

A wetland in the middle a breathtaking structure is the representation of the Bhrigu lake trek. Immeasurable greenland and densely abundant forests, all of which appears to be the God himself has set up everything which one may come across in this greenland. It is included in the golden feathers of Manali as the trekking destination of India is something that a nature lover may always be in a hunt for.


Altitude: 4,300 meters


Duration: 4 days


Best season: May- June, and August – October


  1. Gomukh Tapovan Trek

Established at the glacier of Gangotri this hike mover the trekker between the two glacier on other words the Meru Glacier and the glacier named Kirti Bamak Glacier. However it is believed to be one of the substantial encounters of hiking in India. It nevertheless spellbinds the trekker with breathtaking sights and adventurous encounters all at the very same time. With the upland green pasture , tapovan is simply one of the most delightful views a trekker may come across during this hike.


Altitude: 4,329 meters


Duration: 11 days


Best season: May – June, and August- October


  1. Indrahar Pass Trek

Just in case if you have a desire deep down to witness the delicacy of the Dhauladhar mountain range then this may be the trek The trek begins from Bhagusor Dhauladhar may drag the hiker to the perfect configuration of the mountains to eventually land up a place that can make you speechless because of its beauty.


Altitude: 4,342 meters


Duration: 4- 10 days


Best season: April – October


  1. Valley of flowers Trek

Probably among one of the most elegant encounters in a country which is known for its diversity. This trek no doubt comes up with a marvel which mainly consists of various species of butterflies, rare animals and a wide range of wildflowers. Though the climb is sober but can give its trekkers the most notable remembrances for a hiker. The journey as well as the destination all together form a kaleidoscope which may push the hikers into admirable hypnosis of nature’s delicacy.


Altitude: 4,629 meters


Duration: 7 days


Best season: June – September



  1. Rupin Pass Trek

If you are someone who often get captivated by the nature’s beauty then get to ready as you are going to experience something that you never had experienced before as this place is heaven for the people who are in love with nature and its beauty. The flawlessness and the offset of the makes it a trek not be missed sort of adventure. One side of the trek is covered with snow peaks while the other side is covered with an extensive expanse of pastures. Slightly difficult to complete still said as one of the most liked trekking destinations by people who fond of trekking.


Altitude: 4,650 meters


Duration: 8 day


Best season: June – mid-July, and mid-September- October


  1. Valley of flowers Trek

Probably among one of the most elegant encounters in a country which is known for its diversity. This trek no doubt comes up with a marvel which mainly consists of various species of butterflies, rare animals and a wide range of wildflowers. Though the climb is sober but can give its trekkers the most notable remembrances for a hiker. The journey as well as the destination all together form a kaleidoscope which may push the hikers into admirable hypnosis of nature’s delicacy.


Altitude: 4,629 meters


Duration: 7 days


Best season: June – September


  1. Goecha La Trek


The exalted view of Kanchenjunga, Mount Dome and Mount Kabru is a view not be missed on this trek. Emerging among the renowned trekking destinations in India, Sikkim this trek supposedly proves to be an encounter carouse. The staggering highlights if this trek include a number of landscapes in addition to the breathtaking sights.


Altitude: 4,940 meters


Duration: 11 day


Best season: April – September


  1. Lamayuru Trek

Observe the colorful culture of the Ladakh that has beholding a history with which nothing could be compared. This is because when you travel to Lamayuru Trek. Begins in Zanskar region, the trek is considered as one of the most difficult treks in India.


That is because of the flawlessness of the configuration of the nature trek has turned out to be most prominent trekking destination in India.  Because of the monastery called Gonpa it is said to be one of the reflexes of this trek


Altitude: 5000 meters


Duration: 3 weeks


Best season: June- Mid October


  1. Roopkund Trek


Bring back the swashbuckler in you when you visit this trail. Said to be one of the most beautiful sights, the mystery lake is the crown of this trek adding to which the path offers adventures that are challenging.


Therefore the trek to this destination is all about moving from a glacial lake better known as the skeleton lake which is given this name for a reason. As there are number of skeletons that are present at the bottom of the lake.


Altitude: 5,028 meters


Duration: 7- 9 days


Best season: May – October


  1. Markha Valley Trek

Feel the delicacy of the flawless Ladakhi lifestyle and the utmost harshness of the untouched mother nature with elegant beauty at this exceptional trek. The mind blowing beauty of the hike makes for one of best sights with yaks, vibrant flags, blue skies and barren land.


Altitude: 5,200 meters


Duration: 10- 14 days


Best season: August – September


  1. Bhabha Pass Trek

Considered as another additional staggering treks in India, this hike is no doubt help you to come across the delicacy of the mother nature as it has a large expanse of various types of pastures and is very well known for diverse terrains. It is the mixture of the dewy greenland and landscapes that are the reflexes of an encounter with mother nature on this trek


Altitude: 5,300 meters


Duration: 8 days


Best season: May- October


  1. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

This trek will help you with a substitute path to Spiti Valley. However this little hike will provide a hiker with an unforgettable experience. Might be a slightly difficult destination to hike on this trek may bring along the adventure spirit as well as the picturesque views for the hiker. The landscapes are so beautiful that it is successfully attracts a huge number of hikers from all around the world.


Eventually a staggering hiking destination for the adventures with the trek of Spiti Valley is a bonus for the globetrotters from all around the world visiting this trek.


Altitude: 5,319 meters


Duration: 12 days


Best season:  July- September


  1. Stok Kangri Trek

Said to be the toughest trek in the entire Ladakh trekking region in india. You think you are a good trekker? This trek is going to put all your trekking skills to test. While on the other hand, being such a difficult trek to accomplish it rewards the trekkers with views so beautiful that may last for a lifetime. So it being among difficult trekking places in india, fairly preferred by a number of experienced trekkers. Also the trek goes along the way which is accompanied by small village and colorful pastures.


Altitude: 6,153 meters


Duration: 18 days


Best season: July – September


  1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Looking for a best trekking place in June month? Said to be a wow destination for trek and inspiring hike if one could make their way to this place. Considered as the crown holder amongst the trekking destinations all around the world and preferred by a major chunk of trekkers from all around the globe. You might not be surprised that this is a trek that is going to test all your trekking skills but the trekker in the end is rewarded by the sights and thrills it beholds. The trek has it all whether it is small tribal villages, dense forests, lakes and mesmerizing landscapes.


Altitude: 8,586 meters


Duration: 8 days


Best season: Mid March – June and Mid September – October




An occurrence with any of the above mentioned treks is no doubt going to push you to a hysteria for getting to know more and explore more of what is unseen by you. Now you can imagine why this sport has such a big fan base. Untouched nature, peaks that split the sky and different types of landscapes all result in an illusion which is very difficult to get off the mind and thereby assure an experience that may last for a lifetime.


Perfect for a get away from the city life which particularly has no end and is very tiring in its nature. Any person who treks has a whole different experience and way of explaining how the trek was for them

Breathtaking Chilly Hill stations near Amritsar



Amritsar is also known as Ramdaspur is northwestern region of India  which is located in majha region of Punjab. Amritsar city is rich in its Punjabi culture and have lots of visit places near Amritsar for Domestic and international tourist.

The weather of Amritsar remains too hot in month of June and July. Almost every tourist wants to go hill stations nearby Amritsar to spent his holidays.

This Summer to beat Heat we We at the one of the best travel company in Amritsar will help you To choose travel packages for Hill stations nearby Amritsar city. The famous hill stations near Amritsar are as follows:-

Famous hill stations near Amritsar 


  • Dalhousie

Along its evergreen dales, gleaming rivers and flower mantled grasslands, and immaculate hill views, the Dalhousie is considered as the best mountain escape with a charm that is undisturbed. This untouched slice of heaven is said to be the most admirable highlands. As one enters the picturesque grasslands of Dalhousie it feels like moving to another realm. Deserted in the nature’s lap, the place is enhanced with splendid Prudish form abodes. The colonial churches are something not to be missed. This is not far off the Amritsar and being easily accessible is a blessing one cannot miss upon. Dalhousie is perfect Hill station near amritsar place for family vacations and memorable honeymoons.


Distance from Amritsar: 198 miles


  • Dharamshala

Mystic and unbleached charm of nature are the explicating facets of the impressive ridge. Unearthed in the Himalayan lap, Dharmshala is emphatically parted into higher and lower terrains. The higher terrain is called the McLeodganj and the lower terrain is known as the town of Dharamshala. This highland is endued with fascinating charm and is known for the residence of Dalai Lama, the exiled monk of Tibet. Does not matter if you follow Buddhism or not, it is an opportunity not to be missed. As it has some remarkable monasteries that may help you to get a glimpse of Tibetan culture and Buddhism.  Triund treaking is also one of the visit Spot in Dharamsla where Thousand of mountaineer visit there every year. The momos and thukpa have a taste that does not go in harmony with any of those that we get in the cities.


Distance of Dharmshala from Amritsar: 204 miles


  • Palampur

Cribbed at the rolling hills of the Dhauladhar region, Palampur is an extremely mind boggling getaway for the weekend near the Amritsar. What more one could ask for? Especially when a thick and beautiful natural scenery is tapering the glamorous hill station. This is a renowned place for its tea and said to be the tea capital from where all the tea is brought in from Palanpur. A walk through the exotic township will provide the best in class evergreen tea gardens. There are numerous crystal clear waterfalls and freshwater streams with a thick layer of pine woods which makes it even more elegant. No doubt there is something that makes this place mystical that never fails to attract visitors all year. A perfect and ideal picnic spot near Amritsar and for trekking as it has the tracks which will give you the best views of your life.


Distance from Amritsar To Palampur: 228 miles.


  • Chail


An elegant hill station near Amritsar, Chail is said to be having  the uppermost cricket ground. It is endued with untouched forests of montane which enhances its beauty even more. This hill station is renowned for the Chail palace that is enveloped by pine and deodar woods. Chail in the old time was the eminent summer vacation spot of the kings of Patiala, while today it stands as the summer vacation destination of majority of the people who are crazy for a hill station’s natural beauty that remains untouched. However, it is the most liked destination among the camping and trekking enthusiasts. It is far off the chaotic crowds that one usually comes across in a hill station during the summers. It is a one quite summer vacation destination in region.


Distance from Amritsar to chail: 357 miles


  • Kullu



Located at the river banks of Beas, Kullu is a highly captivating hill station in the Himachal region. As it is crowded with numerous pilgrimage sites. On the other hand Kullu has bagged the alias, Valley of Gods. But what makes it so visited hill station? The splendid natures beauty and breathtaking views hard to come across any hill station makes it a perfect weekend getaway near Amritsar. Ravishing deodar and pine woods and reclining apple plantations advancing its beauty to the next level. This terrain has an alluring destination for those who just love adventures as it provides tons of probabilities to maintain the adrenaline levels touching the sky. Imagine how wonderful it would be when you have an amazing checklist of mountaineering, rafting and trekking and the list continues to go on. It is not surprising that Kullu is among the most visited destinations in India.


Distance from Amritsar to kullu: 400 miles.


  • Srinagar

The most loved and admired destination for skiing is here. Gulmarg rests in J&K. The word Gulmarg has a meaning that states a grassland of flowers and is a wonderful destination for anyone and everyone who decides to visit Gulmarg. Visiting and coming back from this wonderful hill station and a visitor is sure to come back with tons of memories. It is a very popular destination among the visitors and if you love mountaineering and trekking this is just the place you have been looking for and your search ends here.


Distance from Amritsar to Srinagar: 434 miles


  • Manali


It is impossible to come across someone who denies of knowing of Manali. The attractiveness of Manali as a hill station is located among the snow covered Pir Panjal region. Often the names Kullu and Manali are taken together. The Manali is located at a much higher altitude than Kullu. Bejeweled with exuberant greenery and woods everywhere around , pastures filled with colorful flowers, crystal clear water streams, much clean and pure air to breathe in, however as said by the majority of the people who have been there. Manali is rather a mystical blissful experience difficult to explain with mere words.


Distance of manali from Amritsar: 397 miles


  1. Mussoorie

Mussoorie is better known as the queen of Hill stations has ample of nature’s wonders in abundance. Located at the Garhwal Himalayas, for the travellers it stands as a paradise or heaven on earth. Mussoorie is beautiful hill station near amritsar has much more that what one can probably think of. Various types of flora and fauna magnifies the beauty of this hill station. People tired from the hectic life of city can take a walk here and the blissful experience can help to refresh mind, soul and body.


Distance from Amritsar: 430 miles





These are best hill station to plan weekand trip for your family , friend. As more to add there are numerous things that could be added to the to do list but this is something you cannot afford to miss. So what are you waiting for? Pack your rucksack and have all the fun you can and arrange your stay in best hotels near Amritsar. There are many hotels which could be chosen according to the budget that suits you well















Mata Lal devi temple- A largest cave temple in Amritsar


Punjab is home to so many cultural and religious places in India. Punjab is a very diverse country and in this place, people of so many different cultures and races live. So it is quite inevitable that there are so many places for worship as well in Punjab. There are religious places around every corner in Punjab. Such is the flamboyance of the Punjab region.

Image result for mata lal devi temple amritsar

Amritsar is a very important city of Punjab state. Amritsar is a city which is near the border and it is of great cultural importance. When one hears about Amritsar famous places like the golden temple, jallianwala bagh and Durgiana temple come into mind.

Lal Devi Mandir

There are other many important cultural places in Amritsar and a lot of people have not heard about them. Today we are going to discuss such an unheard place.

The name of this place is Mata Lal Devi Mandir. This is one of the best most popular visited places in Amritsar. Mata Lal Devi Mandir is a sacred temple related to the Hindu religion. It is one of the best religious places to visit in Amritsar. Many people have not heard about this place but it is very important to talk about this place because many people talk about a lot of miracles related to this temple.

Now we will give you each and every detail about this Lal Devi Mandir in Amritsar. So without any delay let us start.

  • The Mata Lal Devi Mandir is located in the Rani ka Bagh region of Amritsar city. The Rani ka Bagh is a famous place in Amritsar.
  • The distance of Mata Lal Devi Mandir is just 1 km from the Amritsar Junction. That is why so many devotees visit this place all year.
  • Also, the distance of Mata Lal Devi Mandir from the famous golden temple in the hall bazaar area is just around 3.5 km. This is really important as many people visit the golden temple and Mata Lal Devi Mandir. So things become convenient for these people.

About the temple

Now after discussing the location of the temple we now move to the details of the temple like its history and other things about it.

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Image result for mata lal devi temple amritsar

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Mata Lal Devi Mandir is dedicated to Lal Devi. Lal Devi was a female saint in the 20th century. Mata Lal Devi is also popularly known as pujya data that is respected mother figure by her devotees. She is a very revered figure.

Lal Devi Mandir was built in 1989 in the region of rani bagh in Amritsar city. Mata Lal Devi Mandir is also known as Mother India temple.

This temple is revered a lot because a lot of devotees consider the temple to be possessing miraculous powers. That is why the entire time the temple is full.

In the whole day, a lot of devotees come to visit this temple from all parts of India. The temple is is visited by those women who wish to have a child. This is the great importance of this famous temple in Amritsar.

In the temple, there are so many statues of different Gods and goddesses. The figure or the statue of the pujya data that is respected Mata Lal Devi Ji is placed at the center.

The Lal Devi Mandir is a very beautiful temple and the entrance of the temple is also a very beautiful one. Also, the way to the main hall of the temple where all the statues of different Gods and goddesses and Mata Lal Devi are placed is very beautiful. The way is full of beautiful waterways, tunnels, and stairs.

The Mata Lal Devi Mandir is based on the famous Vaishno Mata Mandir in the Jammu Kashmir state. In the Mata Lal Devi Mandir, the way to the last hallway where statues are kept is led by the cave. So it is a great experience for many people. Different types of lights are also placed in the pathway to the main hall of the temple.

About Mata Ji

Mata Ji is a mother figure in an Indian language. Pujya Lal Devi Mata Ji was also a great figure. Mata Lal Devi Ji was born in 1923 in the kasoor region of Lahore district in Pakistan country. Lal Devi Mata belonged to marwaha Khatri family which is a religion in India. The famous thing about Lal Devi Mata Ji was that she lived on only fruits and milk. It is a really astonishing thing but it is true.

After the partition of India Mata Lal Devi just came to Amritsar and started living here. Mata Lal Devi Ji attained Nirvana in 1994. Mata Lal Devi Ji held a great place in the heart of her devotees.

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Most iconic traditional dresses of punjab

Traditional dresses of Punjab

India is a great country and there are so many different and wonderful cultures which contribute their part in such a diverse culture of India.

Punjab is a great state and from the starting of its evolution it has always remained a great state in different facets and one of these facets is a cultural aspect. The culture of a particular place is exhibited in different ways and in Punjab also culture can be seen manifested in different ways.

Clothing is one of these ways. Punjab is a place where people are always in a jolly mood. Clothing of Punjabi people also exhibits this zealness of Punjabi people. Today we are going to talk about different traditional dresses of Punjab and how these clothing items are great and indispensable parts of their culture.

We have made a compiled list of different traditional dressing items that are worn by the people of Punjab. Some of these are worn by people of Punjab on daily basis and some of them on festive or special occasions. Here is the list.

  • Phulkari

The first and most important part of traditional dress items is phulkari. Phulkari is really famous in Punjab and it is liked by every age person in Punjab. So what is actually this thing called phulkari? Actually, phulkari is flower craft and the origin of this beautiful art dates back to the Punjab of the 15th century.

This art is really old but very beautiful one. The beautiful work of phulkari is depicted in many different stories related to Punjabi culture and one of these stories is of the life story of Heer-Ranjha. Phulkari is woven on different clothing items like kurtas, showels, dupattas, lehengas and many other items as well. The cultural significance of this art in Punjab can be understood easily as it is manifested by the majority of Punjabi people regularly.

  • Punjabi Jutti

This is another very important part of traditional Punjabi clothing items. The history of Punjabi Jutti is also very old and it also dates back to the old Punjab where Kings ruled and they wore this flamboyant Punjabi Jutti. Punjabi Jutti was an indication of royalty and still, the case is the same. Things have not changed significantly.

People of Punjab still love Punjabi jutti and there are famous shops of Punjabi jutti in the big cities of Punjab. Punjabi people like to wear the Punjabi jutti on different festive and special occasions. Youth is also linked with Punjabi jutti. One of the distinct feature of the Punjabi jutti is that the Punjabi jutti has no left or right foot distinction and any jutti can be wore in any foot. Such is the flamboyance of this Punjabi jutti.

  • The jama

Another Royal dress material in Punjabi culture. The Jama is a long piece of cloth wore by men. History of JAMA also dates back to the royal Punjab where Kings and other people wore this royal attire. The Jama is worn with a turban on the head. It actually suits men very much and it is now worn by women also but originally it was for men only. This clothing attire is actually very comfortable. It allows free movement of the body.

  • Patiala salwar

Attire which is related to a royal place of Punjab which is Patiala. The roots of this piece of clothing which is like a trouser in the city of Kings namely Patiala. It is worn by women these days with Kurti and the dupatta. It is also very comfortable for women to wear. These all things make it really popular clothing attire among women.

  • Ghagra

The origin of Ghagra is from Punjab and that is why it is also called Punjabi ghagra. This clothing item ghagra is related to a Punjabi folk dance called giddha and young women of Punjab who perform this folk dance wear this famous clothing attire. It looks really beautiful as there is lot of craftwork done on it. Nowadays it is wore by women of other regions in India as well like Haryana and Himachal Pradesh which makes this clothing item even more famous.

  • Kurta pjyama

It is one of the most famous clothing items of Punjabi men. Punjabi youth likes to wear this clothing item a lot as men look dapper in this attire. The kurta is a long kind of shirt with long sleeves and then there is a pyjama which are like loose pants tied with a string. Kurta is also worn by men with other clothing items like jeans and lungi etc.

  • Turban

Image result for beautiful turban

Turban is called Pagg or pagri by Punjabi people and it is a cultural headwear for men.

So these are some of the most famous traditional dresses related to Punjabi culture. We might have missed some of the items but these are some of the most admired and famous traditional dresses of Punjab state.

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Statue of unity book online discount ticket, timings and facts


India is a very diverse country and everytime a lot of miraculous things happen in this country. The country is rich in traditions and values and people respect their culture a lot. There are lots of visit places to see in india.  People of India revere their great leaders who led their way to the ultimate thing called independence. A lot of people fought for the independence of India and one of the most important people in this independence struggle was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.



The government of India has built a 182 metres statue in the remembrance of the great statesman of India. The most notable thing here is that this statue us the tallest statue in the whole world. This is a great dedication to such a great man.

So let us talk about the different things related to this statue. There are a lot of things to discuss.

Tourist attraction

The statue of unity is a wonderful place to visit and there are an obviously lot of tourist attractions here.


The first and most important thing is that it is 182 metres tall and everyone would like to see a statue of such great height.

The gallery of the statue is a great attraction as well. 200 tourists can walk into the head of the statue. Also from the gallery of the statue, the tourists can get a great view of the Sardar Sarovar dam and the surrounding regions around the statue. All this one can view from a height of 400 feet.


Another tourist attraction is the Sardar Patel museum which is created at the base of the statue of unity. The museum is having around 40000 documents related to the life of Sardar Patel. Also, there are 2000 photographs on the life of Sardar Patel.


There will be a star hotel adjacent to the statue of unity. The hotel will have 128 rooms.


These are the tourist attractions of the statue and person should must visit this statue.

About Sardar Patel

Such is a great statue is dedicated to Sardar Patel. So there is a need to know some things about Sardar Patel.

  • Sardar Patel is also known as the Iron Man of India.
  • He was a senior leader of the Indian National Congress party and also was the statesman.
  • Sardar Patel was the first deputy Prime Minister of India country.
  • The birthday on Sardar Patel is on 31st October and is celebrated as Rashtriya Ekta was in India.
  • He played a key role in the independence of India and was founding the father of the Republic of India.

Facts about the statue

The statue of unity is the tallest statue in the whole world. The height of the statue is 182 metres which are equal to 597 feet.


The statue is built in the kevadiya village in the Narmada region of Gujarat state.


The statue of unity took 46 months to get completed. It was a great and long project.


The statue was unveiled on 31st October 2018 by the honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.


The statue of liberty is going to have a viewing gallery at the height of 153 metres. This gallery will accommodate around 200 people at one time. This gallery will offer a great view of the Sardar Sarovar dam.


Around 3000 crores of rupees were spent to build this great statue of unity.


The total weight of the statue is around 1700 tonnes.


The statue of unity is designed by Ram V. Sutar, the winner of the Padma Bhushan award as well.


The height of feet of the statue of liberty is 80 feet. The height of the hands of the statue is around 70 feet. The height of the shoulder of the statue is around 140 feet. The height of the face of the statue is around 70 feet.


The gallery of the statue of unity is made in the heart of Sardar Patel. From here the tourists can get a great view of Sardar Sarovar dam and Satpura hills as well.


Near about 25000 tonnes of iron and 90000 tonnes of cement is used in the construction of this great statue of unity.


The statue of unity can withhold a wind speed of 220 km per hour and also it can withstand the earthquakes measuring up to 6.5 on the Richter scale.


A highway of around 3.5 km is built to connect this statue in sadhu island to kevadiya town.


The iron needed for building the statue is brought from different villages all around India.


The statue of unity is inaugurated on the 143rd Jayanti of Sardar Patel.


These are some of the most important facts related to the great statue of unity.

Other statues around the world

There are other statues all around the world and some of the most important are as follows.

  • Spring Buddha temple statue in China- 153 metres
  • Ushiku Daibutsu statue in Japan- 120 metres
  • Statue of liberty in USA- 97 metres
  • The motherland calls in Russia- 85 metres
  • Christ The Redeemer in Brazil- 38 metres

Visit timing of this statue

the opening timing of this statue complex for the public is 9 am to 6 pm for every day in a week.

Ticket pricing: you can also book online ticket for statue of unity

For Adults : Rs 350/-

List of 15 Whealthiest and Richest temples of india


Well, we are blessed to be associated with a country like India. They are the most sacred places belonging to various religion giving importance to each of them. If you plan to visit places in India then here is the list of must visit temples that you should definitely have a look at. Each temple has its own significance and we are more fortune to get associated with them. The land of diverse culture along with potpourri of religious beliefs which has also witnessed the rise of temples. These temples not only proud to be the destinations to seek the solace at the feet of God but even to the vision of the believers. Now letters have a check on some of the richest temples situated in India.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kerala

Image result for padmanabhaswamy temple

Padmanabhaswamy Temple located in Kerala is definitely one of the richest and most spoken Temple in India. It is exactly located in Trivandrum which is the capital of Kerala. Here Lord Padmanabhaswamy is worshipped as the one and only God who is said to have a wealth of around $20 billion in six vaults of Gold. It is too good to be true that this temple is not only India’s but also the world’s richest temple. Dravidian style architecture makes the temple to be famous along with the treasure that has been reported in the temple along with antique gold ornaments, diamonds and many other precious jewelries studded with Emerald and Diamonds.


Tirumala Tirupati Venkateswara Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Image result for Tirumala

Located in Tirupati, Venkateswara temple is one of the most famous and well visited Temple in India. More than 100 thousand visits the temple everyday and during Utsav and special occasions the number make also get double. You will be surprised to know that the temple is also said to have gold reserves and 52 tonnes of gold ornaments which costs up to Rs 37,000 therefore it is known as one of the richest and holy temples. Here Lord Venkateswara is worshipped where the temple is also a landmark for Vaishnavite temple situated in the hill town of Tirumala in Tirupati in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Golden Temple Amritsar

Free stock photo of sky, landmark, water, building

Golden Temple located in Amritsar, Punjab is one of the famous temples for the Sikh community. The temple is also known as Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib which attracts people from various places due to its beautiful architecture made of gold. And of course the golden temple is well known for its golden dome with an architecture that is designed with both gold and silver finish. The Guru Granth Sahib, the 11th Guru of the Sikhs, lies literally at the heart of worship in this Temple. The one of the specialty of this temple is its kitchen is one of the Mega kitchens in India. Daily 50000 devotees visit the temple and offer their prayers.

Shirdi Saibaba Shrine, Mumbai

Image result for Shirdi

Searching for the best vist places in north India undoubtedly Shirdi is one of the best places as it is well known for its miracles. This is one of the main reasons why most of the people in India, often visit Shirdi Sai Baba Temple located in Mumbai. Perhaps this is considered as the third richest temple as it receives lots of donations annually. It is often visited by people belonging to various religions where the ideal of Sai Baba is decorated with gold and silver jewelry which is approximately Rs 32 crore and silver coins worth more than Rs 6 lakh.

Vaishnodevi Temple, Jammu, and Kashmir

Image result for Vaishnodevi Temple

Vaishno Devi Temple located in Jammu and Kashmir is well known as the richest as well as the oldest temple in India. Goddesses Vaishno Devi is worshipped here where people from various places all around the world. People offer prayers, believing that the Goddess truly divine and spiritual. The revenue of the temple has been increasing year by year. And now the temple receives an annual income of about 500 crore with more than 8 million people visiting the temple annually.

Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

Image result for Siddhivinayak

Every year the Siddi Vinayaka temple situated in Mumbai is worshipped by 2 lakh devotees. And at the same time, it is one of the richest temples with annual revenue of more than 120 crores. The idol of Lord Ganesha is made of 3.7 kg gold. Perhaps this is well known as the temple of the elephant God, which is also the first place where many devote will go to the temple before they could take any serious decisions in their lives. The temple is often visited by celebrities and famous figures which has a history of many years.

Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

Image result for Meenakshi Temple

The Madurai city is famous for one of the richest temples so called Meenakshi Temple that is often a place for various other temples. Every day more than 15000 people visit the temple and Worship the goddesses Meenakshi. The Meenakshi Tirukalyanam festival is the festival celebrated here over 1 million people visit the temple during this special occasion. The temple is known as one of the richest as it receives an annual income of about 6 crores.

Jagganath temple, Puri

Image result for Jagannath temple

Also known as Puri Jagannath temple is often visited by people all around the world. It is one of the most important Hindu temples that is dedicated to Lord Jagannath a form of Lord Vishnu. It is often an important pilgrimage destination for Indians. As per the report that has been published in 2010 it has been suggested that the Bank deposit of this temple was estimated to be more than 150 crores. The temple is visited by 30,000 devotees every day and is often adorned with 209 kg of gold.

Kashi Vishwanatha temple, Varanasi

Image result for Kashi Vishwanatha temple

Located on the bank of holy river Ganga, the Kashi Vishwanatha temple is worshipped by people all around the world. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is well known as one of the richest temples in India. And of course the beauty of the town Sarnath is immersed in rich culture and an intriguing history of the temple. It is said that the temple receives 6 crores of annual income and is the most celebrated religious travel destination. The Kashi Vishwanatha temple is considered as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of India, which organ receives a large number of tourists from various places all around the world.

Amarnath Cave, Anantnag

Image result for amarnath] temple


Amarnath cave is a Hindu shrine located in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Lord Shiva is worshipped here where more than 2.5 lakh people come and offer their prayers every year. The rich natural, religious, festive and creative heritage is sporadically pervaded in every nook of country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Amarnath cave believed to be 5,000 years old making it one of the oldest as well as the richest temples in India. This is known as a holy cave where and ice Shiva Linga is formed every year with two smaller ice blocks.

Sabarimala Temple, Kerala

Image result for Sabarimala Temple


The Sabarimala temple situated in the Periyar tiger reserve is often one of the most visited richest temples in India. Lord Ayyappa is worshipped by more than 45–50 million devotees every year. And it is considered to be one of the largest annual pilgrimages in the world. Eventually, that Temple has been going to be a number which often made the Sabarimala shrine, one of the richest in the country. It has an annual revenue of Rs 132 crore every year. As per the former Chief Secretary of Kerala C.P. Nair, the state earns Rs 2,500 which is considered as one-fourth of the Kerala’s annual plan.

Somnath Temple, Gujarat

Image result for Somnath Temple, Gujarat

The Somnath Temple is located near Veraval in Saurashtra region of Gujarat. The temple has significant background which has been demolished almost 17 times due to its massive reserves of gold and silver. Even till today, the temple is said to be one of the most famous as well as the richest in India. In addition to that, it also has beautifully designed architecture along with religious significance that makes it a best place to visit. Every year the temple receives lots of donations apart from that there are thousands of people who visit the temple on the daily basis.

Guruvayurappan Temple, Kerala

Image result for Guruvayurappan Temple

Even though there are many temples in Kerala Guruvayurappan Temple located near Kerala is one of the richest temples. Guruvayurappan Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and the temple is often known as Dwarka of South India. Approximately 5 to 12 million people visit the temple on an annual basis so as to offer prayers. And of course the temple is known for its wealth and is one among the richest temples situated in India. It is a wide spread into 230 acres which also has richest architecture and valuable shrines.

Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple, Kerala

Image result for sabarimala ayyappa temple

Among some of the richest temples situated in Kerala Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple, is said to be one among them with its richest heritage. Every year, more than 50 to 60 million people visit Sabarimala and offer prayers and of course this is the top of the list in terms of devotees visiting the temple yearly. Apart from that the management allows only men to enter into the temple. In addition to that the temple collects an annual revenue of Rs. 230 crore, which is much more than any other temples situated in India.

Lingaraj Temple, Odisha

Image result for Lingaraj Temple

Odisha is a place that is flooded with lots of temples around it. Among the search famous temples Lingaraj Temple is said to be one of the richest as well as the ancient Temple that has been built in the 11th century. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, which also has Odisha’s rich maritime history. Every day 6000 thousand devotees visit the temple and the number richest 2 lacs during the occasion of Shivratri. Kalinga Architecture is one of the most spoken think regarding Lingaraj Temple located in Odisha. Ivan the terrible collects more than 2 million worth donations and receives donations in various forms as well.


Finally, these some of the most richest temples in India which have their significant importance. People who are planning to visit the most sacred can often consider this check list. The entire list significantly makes India to be one of the best places that have become most popular and richest travel destination with most sacred temples.


Most Visited Religious tourism places in India


Religious tourism is also termed as faith tourism. It is a subtype of tourism where people decide to set foot on either individually or with the cluster for leisure, pilgrimage, missionary motives.

The pilgrims from the modern era (pilgrims of now) are capable of calling in most of the religious hotspots not only which are situated nearby but also those that are far off.

The number is quite huge when I try to take an account of the Globetrotters who can’t resist themselves from visiting India in search of the spirituality, purity and the faith people hold for the religious spots in India.


According to me the actual analysis which had been accomplished on the global religious tourism yet some angles of the tours and travel industry are yet to be scaled. With respect to the World Tourism Organization, the religious places with the highest religious significance are predicted to cater about 300 to 330 million pilgrims every consecutive year.



Most likely visited and frequently chosen Religious Places

There are ample of the religious places which are visited by the religious trippers from all around the world let’s start with

  1. Golden Temple



The Golden temple better known as the Sri Harmandir Sahib (House of God) and also Darbar Sahib is a Sikh Gurdwara pinpointed in Amritsar city, Punjab which falls under north India. It holds the highest sacred significance and holiest pilgrimage plat of Sikhism. The Golden Temple is erected around a human constructed pool “Sarovar” which is accomplished in the year 1577 by Guru Ram Das. The Golden Temple no doubt is the holiest plot in the Sikh community and trippers or pilgrims from all around the world do not fail to miss the sight of this shrine

The Harmandir Sahib has its door open for people of all religion, caste, creed irrespective of the gender male, female or whatsoever but holding faith and belief. In short, it welcomes all with open hands to people from various walks of life. Talking of the interior of the temple, it is a square plot with four entrances enabling the worshippers from all four directions hence stating that it is open for everyone no matter from where they are and irrespective of who they have encompassed path all around the pool. The temple yes, of course, is a set of buildings constructed around the chancel. And this includes the above mentioned Akal Takht is the prime center of the religious jurisdiction of Sikhism.

Supplementary structures combine a clock belfry, Gurudwara committee offices, a gallery and a langar (a free of cost kitchen administered by the the Sikh community a simple vegetarian meals to the pilgrims and other visitors with absolutely no discrimination which means that the food is one and the same to all, whether the visitor is a billionaire businessman or a middle-class hawker. One of the major facts is that golden temple kitchen is one of the mega kitchens in India. The number of visitors along with the pilgrims accounts to be a 100000 on a daily basis for worship every single day making it one of the most frequently and liked religious destination and heavily crowded holy destination in the world. The temple structure is nominated as the global heritage site by the UNESCO.

2. Varanasi

India, Varanasi, Ganges


Varanasi a very renowned place for the religious globetrotters also better known as Banaras along with another religious name Kashi is a city located on the river banks of Ganga located in Ganga which falls in the state of Uttar Pradesh at North angle of India which expands up to 320 Kms. It is also said to be one of the oldest populated and settled around the world. Varanasi is said to be the cultural capital of India. This is where Hinduism is having its roots ever since. If ever an individual is having an urge to get in deep knowledge of Hinduism or eager to know about the emergence and birth of Hinduism then I am thinking that this place is going.

The famous American writer Mark Twain said that about Varanasi that it is older than tradition and history even legend fails to compare with its old agedness and just in case if any Hindu individual is cremated in Varanasi then is being liberated from the recycling of birth.

Whereas it is a known fact that it is the most visited tourist place for pilgrims. It is included in one of the 12 religious sites. The place because of this reason holds a high religious significance, hence it is an honour to die and be cremated over there at the very same city Varanasi.

3. Ajmer

Ayodhya Nagri, Ajmer Jain, Temple, India


Yes, you are not wrong this is an Islamic place of religious significance still it is very much popular amongst the non-muslims. It is a beautiful religious site located in the Rajasthan state in the southwest side. The most distinguished place to be visited in Ajmer is the Sufi Shrine (Dargah), Dargah Sharif better known as the Ajmer Sharif. The shrine stands with open hands and a warm heart to welcome the visitors no matter of which religion and faith they are. The other very famous places to be visited is the Nasiyan Jain Temple, Adhai din ka Jhonpra (2 and a half day mosque), the Taragarh Fort, the long and beautiful Ana Sagar Lake and the list includes other names such as Daulat Khana and Daulat Bagh.

Also visit: list of top 5 places to go holiday Rajasthan this winter

4. Hemkund Sahib

Image result for hemkund sahib free image


The Hemkund Sahib also called Hemkunt better known as the Gurdwara Sri Hemkund Sahib Ji which stands as a Sikh corner of worship pilgrimage spot which falls under the district of Chamoli towards Uttarakhand, India. The Hemkund is devoted towards the tenth Sikh guru “Guru Gobind Singh” and is placed in the holy books called Dasam Granth (10th holy book) which was declared by the chief Guruji himself. As far as I am concerned it is located at a height of 4632 meters. It is near the Gobindghat on the highway of Rishikesh-Badrinath highway which is the prime town close to Gobindghat is Joshimath.

The word Hemkund is originated from the Sanskrit name meaning “snow” and kind for “bowl” together meaning Snowbowl. Well according to the Dasam Granth it is the area wherein Yoga was practised by Pandu Raja. Apart from that, the Dasam Granth preaches the God ordered Sikh Guru Gobind Singh to come to take a bath while him being in a deep meditation at the Hemkund mountain. It is very difficult and almost next to impossible to reach out to Hemkund between the month of October to April because of the heavy snowing in the area. The Sikh pilgrims start to arrive in the month of May and start working on the damage the path leading to Hemkund because of the heavy snowing which is known as “Kar Seva” meaning that it is a selfless service a belief which gives birth to the tenet of Sikh faith.

Trotters and pilgrims from Delhi may aboard a train which may bring them first to Haridwar and then get going along with a bus to Govindghat which is roughly around 500 kilometres or 361 miles consuming of a traveller’s almost 18 hours. It was on recent news headlines that an airline organisation initiated the helicopter service which helps the arrivals to fly all their way from Govindghat to Ghangaria and the fun part is that the total time taken to reach the spot is not more than 5 minutes.

5. Haji Ali Dargah

Image result for Haji Ali Dargah


For those who have not heard about the Haji Ali Dargah, much more to add to it as it looks beautiful located almost in some internal part of the Sea Face as at times of high tides and heavy rains the path that leads any individual or the people who come to seek the spiritual sense of ambience and the. The Dargah in a manner of speaking is a Tomb, a final resting place of Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari who was a very wealthy rich businessman who just before he was leaving for mecca on religious mission gave everything that he had to all the people. Estimation is that there is a visitor count of at least 30 thousand to 40 thousand who have been visiting the dargah ever since especially on Thursdays and also Fridays. It is also said that the people visiting the dargah with a pure heart are sure to get what they have been asking for ever since it is also said that the people who ever visit the dargah of Haji Ali are never to return back home with empty hands and upset hearts.

6. Rishikesh

India, Rishikesh, Ganges, Shiva, Statue, God, Hindu


Rishikesh is considered as the Yoga capital of India. The people travelling from the abroad countries and Yoga enthusiasts make it a point to visit the Rishikesh in heavy numbers. This religious place is located approximately 26 km away from Himalayan foothills which falls under the northern direction of Uttarakhand which is better known as the way to Garhwal Himalayas. The spot is rich in a religious ambience which is backed by the faith of 100s and 1000s of pilgrim belief which could be seen every year as the number continues to rise and expected to keep increasing every consecutive year. The place is accompanied with the Bharat Mandir i.e. the oldest temple of Rishikesh. It is said that it is present from a very long time, some say it is there for centuries now. Triveni Ghat is visited by the pilgrims in the faith that bathing in the Ghat will wash away their sins. Even the Rishikesh has accompanied with a pond which holds a great significance better known as Rishikund. Also, there is an ashram of the Beatles if you are fond of the Beatles.

7. Tirupati


Related image


Tirupati temple of lord Venkateshwara which is located in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh is a very famous temple. I believe that the holy temple is being visited by at least 60000 to 70000 pilgrims on each day of the year. Which makes it very simple to understand that it might be very tricky to reach the actual shrine. The very basic reasons to not reach out to the shrine is very long ques and the hot and humid temperature. It is a very strong belief that is commonly found among the people who visit the holy shrine that whatever wish you come with to the Tirupati temple of Lord Venkateshwara is sure to be fulfilled.

8. Bodh Gaya

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Buddhists all time favourite place is Bodh Gaya which is located in the state of Bihar. It is so distinguished that an International Airport has been erected but is only operational for the flights that arrive and fly to Sri Lanka. The only reason for it being so well known is that Lord Buddha was said to be meditating just below the tree which is now renamed and popularly known as Bodhi tree. People say that Lord Buddha was seen sitting below that specific tree and entered into deep meditation. The Bodh Gaya’s prime attraction point is Mahabodhi Temple Complex is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. So particularly speaking he saw something unusual which seemed very usual to the world. He could feel the pain and agony of the common man and discovered how to make a permanent getaway from such issues which create a havoc in the human lives by sticking to the eightfold path. The place is rich is spiritual heritage and it is mandatory to the people who are following Lord Buddha or Buddhists.

9. Hazur Sahib Nanded

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The word Hazur Sahib means the presence of the Almighty. The Hazur Sahib is also pronounced as Hazoor Sahib. The Hazoor Sahib is better known as the Takht Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib also Abchal Nagar comes under one of the five takhts which means thrones of temporal command of Sikhism. It is placed on the on the Godavari River banks in Nanded city falling under Maharashtra. The Gurdwara which comes inside the complex is also known as “Sach Khand” i.e. The Realm of Truth.

The framework is constructed at the spot where Guru Gobind Singh Ji got shaheed. The room which is inside the gurdwara is known as the Angitha Sahib and erected right where Guru Gobind Singh was given the last tribute, his cremation back in the year 1708. Maharaja Ranjit Singh is responsible for the construction of the Gurdwara which was constructed between 1832 to 1837 which means it took 5 long years to get the structure completed. Guru Gobind Singh owned a camp at this place in the 17th century.

The Takht holds out the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Dasam Granth. This follows the layout of Takht Sri Patna Sahib. As Nanded regarded as the holy town where Baba Banda Singh Bahadur owned an ashram also where the Baba Banda Singh initiated the journey of the Khalsa from Nanded itself. Hence it holds a great place of religious, spiritual and cultural heritage towards the Sikh community. The Hazur Sahib Nanded stands different from other ancient places of Sikhism and Sikh worship where still the ancient practices and rituals are carried out by the inhabitants at the time of the Guru of applying sandalwood tilak on the forehead of the local devotees and the priests. The most vital component and aspect of the holy shrine is that there are 2 sanctums here. Whereas the functions and programs are still being practising by the priest in the inner room and talking about the outer room which holds valuable objects, belongings, weapons etc which belonged to the Guru. The other interesting part here is that this room could only be entered by the head priest.

10. Vaishno Devi Temple, Jammu Kashmir


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The Vaishno Devi Temple is pinpointed in the high altitude mountains of Jammu & Kashmir. It is said that the Goddess Vaishno Devi calls out to her devotees to come and grab the energy in her house. It is also known as the Home of the Goddess Shakti. It is indeed located in the sky kissing high hills of Trikuta in Jammu and Kashmir. The house of Mata Vaishno falls under the category of famous pilgrimage in India. Sense an unexplainable feel in grabbing the hard to explain trek that eventually, in the end, takes you to the mountainous caves where the Goddess lives and showers uncountable blessing onto her devotees. Breathtaking landscapes, uncomparable divinity and mind-blowing adventure. Which will place this trip to the walls of your mind which will take an entire age to fade yet not be erased from your mind

11. Sun Temple (Surya Mandir) Konark:


Surya temple is the best of the Indian architecture that could be seen in the modern era of today’s world. Sun Temple is the crowned piece of the obsolete architecture and unparalleled spirituality. The Surya temple is situated in Konark, in the state of Odisha. The Sun temple is just another word that describes magnificent and adorable beauty coupled with the remarkable intelligence of architecture genius. The temple demonstrates the Sun God who is resting on a King Chariot shows the victory of King Narasimhadeva. The majestic architecture represents 12 pairs of carved wheels, offering hall etc. is the major reason for pulling the art admirers and enthusiasts who drop by hence making Sun Temple one of the most adorable religious spots on the land of India.

12. Temple of Jagannath/Jagannath Mandir (Puri)

A very significant pilgrimage plot in India. The Jagannath Mandir is the finest ancient structure in Odisha. The key personalities in the temple are Lord Jagannath, Goddess Subhadra and Balabhadra. However, a very famous pilgrimage and holy place, the Jagannath Mandir was born in the yearly Rath Yatra wherein people numbering in heavy count through the temple. The holy shrine is considered as the genuine mirror image of Indian culture.

13. Jyotirlinga of Somnath, Gujrat


Entitled to be among the very first Dwadash Jyotirlinga i.e. light of pillar of Shiva the lord. The Somnath Jyotirlinga located in Gujrat is seen as a key location in India. The Somnath Jyotirlinga made its way through numerous attacks and is seen as a house of divinity and spirituality for countless Hindu pilgrims. The Somnath Jyotirlinga is located on the Arabian Sea shores. It is said that the holy shrine calls devotees which are residing very far from and the place to come and take away the shower of blessings numerous times. You could literally sense an energy of spirituality and while seeing yourself lost in the devotion of the sacred place in India.

14. Caves Of Amarnath

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The devotees are called and remembered by the priest (baba) Barfani to reach out to him through the adventurous trek and then grab bountiful blessings from him. The Caves of Amarnath is located in the thrilling and blissful location of Jammu & Kashmir. Where the pilgrim/tourist could only set foot when he/she goes through a rough trek all the way along. The Amarnath caves have secured a very significant position as being one of the ancient (centuries old) pilgrimages in India. The yatra of Amarnath is a yearly occasion wherein the pilgrims are asked to trek uphill the cave temple.

15. Dwarka



The Dwarka is located in the western direction of Gujarat, India. Dwarka is also considered as the land of the unmatched spirituality. Dwarka was the city of Krishna when he left from Mathura. Also, Dwarka falls under the sites of Yatra of Char Dham. The pure white clothes appearing to be white just like milk and beautiful just like moon copes up with the divinity of the place. A mind-blowing town, the sacred city is probably going to take you back in the Mahabharata era.

16. Mathura

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Mathura located in Uttar Pradesh, also considered as the rich in blessings land as it is the place where Hindu God Krishna took his first breath. And today the town has emerged with numerous temples which also covers the renowned Krishna Janbhoomi Temple which is visited with devotees in a heavy number not yearly but through the entire long year. Yes and not be forgotten the most important festival which flourishes the sacred place with happiness and blissful ambience is Janmashtami which crowds the place a bit too much but also makes it colourful at the very same time and it is a time which should be captured not in mobile, camera etc. but in hearts as the memories of heart last forever and ever.

17. Vrindavan


Vrindavan another sacred and holy land where Lord Krishna spent his childhood is located in Uttar Pradesh. The significance of the place could be sensed in the historical inscriptions and literature. The devotees visit the place at all times during the year and a bit heavy in numbers during the Lord Krishna festival. It is no doubt a very keen to visit pilgrim spot to be visited by the devotees due to the sacred ambience.


I think I am pointing some very important places which are spiritually rich and its heritage jumps off the national and international borders which could be seen as the heavy numbers of the pilgrims seeking spirituality and purity of the Religious places in india. Let me make it very clear that there are even more destinations which I listed in the blog but according to me these were the significant places which are known to me as very majestic and spiritual. Also, the above mentioned religious sites are just a glimpse of what lies ahead in India, as we all are aware of the fact that India is a land of Gods and unbelievable spirituality which has successfully attracted pilgrims from around every nook and corner of India and almost every country from around the world. I will conclude by coming straight to the point I don’t know whether you could find God in the above-listed places but I am very much sure that you are about to get yourself back once you step foot on these Holy grounds.