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Gobindgarh Fort Booking

Gobindgarh Fort Booking


A remarkable ancestry fort possessing a splendid chronicle of nearly more than 257+ years which originates back from the age of Bhangi Misl to the great Maharaja Ranjit Singh to the Brit and Indian army. However, is now welcomes the people from Punjab and take a look at it. This fort has multiple buildings and structures and each one of them having their very own history to be narrated. A few of them include
Koh-I-Noor – The splendid chalet which has been constructed on the spherical pedestal of the Sikh era

  1. Toshkhana – This place holds on to the pride of Koh-I-Noor
  2. Khas Palace (Mahal) – It is the place where coffee was served to the royals
  3. The Nalwa gate now known after the prime leader of Sikhs Maharaja Ranjit Singh
  4. The Durbar Hall (Ballroom).

Centre of Attractions

SHER-E-PUNJAB better known as (Lion of Punjab)

A presentation on Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

An exhibition which features a 7-dimensional program on Maharaja Ranjit Singh in a format never known and seen before right at the heart of Punjab which will make you will as though you are back in the 19th Century. The show will leave you mesmerized. The introduction will inform you about the significant happenings right before the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. As he was successful in forming the forceful kingdom of Punjab. So what are you waiting for the book online Gobindgarh fort ticket as the famed director in the overseas named Ketan Mehta has to lead the exhibition all with his expert team and incredible creativity and love for history. You can imagine how enchanting it would be.

Rustling walls- Laser and Sound Projection mapping – An exhibition on the inspiring tale of Gobindgarh Fort

In comparison to the backstory of an authentic cover-up of the cottage – a wall of area 100ft. x 50ft a multimedia light and sound exhibition with the projection mapping automation, computer animation lose yourself in the chronicle of the incredible Gobindgarh fort wherein these silent walls have a narrative to share of the happenings in the history. The show is carried out with the help of lumen projectors that account to be 20000 and rich sound experience of 7.1 channel will leave you mesmerized as you witness and take a seat in the chronicle open garden of the fort and frolic in the splendid dusk of Amritsar.

The Neverending energy of Punjab

The live rendition of incredible frames from the state of GATKA-GIDDA-BHANGDA live performance that goes on for an entire day. The lively performances of energetic Punjab will amuse you for an entire day’s time. A magnificent parade arises along with the awesome group of dancers and musicians in the classical attire enacting a breathtaking Punjabi cultural montage with some hard to believe feats from the significant martial arts that is originated from Gatka. And when the sun sets and it starts getting dark the fort is fired up with some dazzling and bright lights which make it even more splendid.

The great and adorable Museum of Turban (Pagdi Museum)

In the great Gobindgarh fort it-self lies a Glorious Gobindgarh Gallery which holds some of the greatest masterpieces of Art along with the unbeatable Pagdi Museum as it demonstrates the engaging types of various Pugdies o the Sikh, Punjab, Non-Sikh. There are some information which boasts about some of the most unbelievable facts to the remarkable head-gear which boasts again from the 16th Century and its development to the contemporary forms of NRI peoples. So don’t miss the chance and buy online Gobindgarh fort ticket.

TOSHKHANA- The regal repository of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

It is often said by the most well-informed individuals about the old ages that Maharaja Ranjit Singh possessed a majestic treasure of a Kingly sum. This repository had priceless jewels, diamonds along with Gold and Silver in the fort itself. It is also said that it was heavily guarded by a huge army of more than 2000 soldiers. Also, this treasury holds the most famous diamond which was known as KOH-I-NOOR (the most sparkling diamond of the world. It is priceless for a reason as it is said that no jeweller till date knows the actual price of the diamond. There also are some heavy chances that some of the sites may have Gobindgarh fort discount ticket isn’t that amazing? This repository also has a huge collection of the coins of that time in a great condition along with a copy of Kohinoor diamond.

The Infamous War Museum

The War museum allows the visitors to be mesmerized with the warring weapons back from the 16th Century. This war museum also houses the replica of the personal sword of great Maharaja Ranjit Singh and his war suit. A separately crafted copy of the carnival 15 feet huge Bhangian di Tope also knows as the Zamzama – the most humongous canon of its era has been successfully reconstructed with a motive to let the spectators and visitors to take a real close look at it as how it used to be in that time.

The AMBARSARI ZAIKA – Famous Cuisine of Punjab

The people of Punjab go crazy by the name of having food which is great at the taste. The best food of Punjab which will tantalize your taste buds is here as it is being made by the finest in the food industry. An extraordinary avenue which is better known as Ambarsari Zaika – will make you realize why is Amritsar regarded and considered as the capital of Tasty and mouthwatering taste of the entire Punjab State. There is no shortage of both vegetarian dishes as well as non-vegetarian dishes so both categories of the masses can suit themselves with whatever type of dish they would like to have and all at one single place. See if you could get yourself a nice place to sit and get carried away by the numerous canopies by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The wooden food carts may push you aggressively through the 16th Century. It is for sure that you will feel that you are back in the old times, times about which one has read in school books or novels. As the food carts around are made up of wood it is really something that could give someone a tour back 4 centuries. A place where someone can suit himself not only hot and spicy food but also with dished that are sweet and sour to taste.


As mentioned above the Gobindgarh fort has a rich history to tell to every person who is interested in how it has been constructed and what and how it is actually had been. The fort is not just a piece of land with some infrastructure. But on the contrary, can be seen as a monument that took a whole lot of just more than bricks and stones to get it erected and still exists and breathes 400 years later its construction. This was a great sign of the passing titan of Maharaja Ranjit Singh who was not just a king but was such a great warrior that just by his name entire armies used to change their direction and leave the battle before the Maharaja stepped in the war. He was fierce and undisputed.

So book your trip to Gobindgarh for with