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Amritsarworld is a digital plateform for online ticket reservation system for the valuable users with the arbitrators to make use of the Amritsarworld assets administered and/or belongs through the mediators. These are also known as Amritsarworld child company of chabhal entertainers and innovators. It helps the users to leverage the services. The smart amritsarworld juncture provides services to all the users by giving which may involve or shall be barred to:


  1. Criteria of use

You should be of legal age (18) or above and should be able to enter, perform, and adhere of these norms. On the other hand those individuals under the legal age or falling the minor age category but all can be done only under the guidance and supervision of parents and guardians.

  1. Amritsarworld plateform use:

Amritsarworld is simply not answerable for any manage of loss which may be due to any customers use or failing to obey the clause. You as a customer may be responsible for any loss of property by your own end. Amritsarworld will not be responsible for any loss. Amritsarworld use third party payment gateways for online transactions for any loss and payment related issue amritsarworld will not be responsible.

  1. Restricted Content

As being a necessity of Amritsarworld platform use. The user is permitted that the Amritsarworld is not to get in use of the our platform in any ways that the material or content is used elsewise. Also there will legal action will taken against person if anyone will copy the content from amritsar.